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Student Satisfaction

The School operates a number of internal formal student surveys to provide feedback on the student experience.  This includes:

  • Module Evaluation Questionnaires (MEQ) for each module
  • End of Year Survey
  • Admissions, Induction and Founder's Week Survey
  • Equality Survey

The surveys ask a variety of questions relating to teaching, assessment, student support and learning resources.  Some questions are directly related to those in the National Students Survey (NSS) which BASc students will be invited to complete during their third year.

The results of surveys are fed back to staff and departments to identify actions for enhancement, they are also reported to various committees in our governance structure who provide oversight including: Academic Council, Student Voice Committee, Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Learning Resources, Property, Data and IT Committee.


The overall satisfaction rates are summarised below:

Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the programme/module % of respondents strongly agree/agree Mean
Problems 1A (2021-2022) 84 4
Quantitative Methods 1A (2021-2022) 38 3
Qualitative Methods 1A (2021-2022) 63 4
2021-2022 Term 1 Average  64 4
Problems 1B (2021-2022) 57 3
Quantitative Methods 1B (2021-2022) 35 3
Qualitative Methods 1B (2021-2022) 77 4
2021-2022 Term 2 Average  60 3
Problems 1C (2021-2022) 56 3.5
Avg of all modules in 2021-2022 59 3.5
End of Year Survey 2021-2022 79 4