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How To: Private Outlook Appointments

LIS has a calendar openness policy. All staff at LIS can see each other’s calendars by default. Students can see when staff are free/busy, and likewise staff can see when a student is free/busy, but students cannot see the details of what is in a staff member’s calendar and vice versa.

Staff, however, see full details of each other’s calendars to encourage openness of working. You can however set individual appointments to private should you want or need to (e.g. a medical appointment or sensitive discussion).

If you were to look at my calendar for this week, you would see what I am up to, and when I am free-


In my calendar, you will see that I plan on Friday to listen to “Hot Space” – it’s a challenging album, and actually it isn’t that cool to like Queen, so if the time that Freddie and I spend together needs to be private, I need a way to both mark that I am unavailable, but also respect Freddie’s confidence.

This is REALLY simple – when you create an appointment, just click the lock on the ribbon at the top:


  • You might not be able to see it if you don’t have the dialogue window full screen, but it’s still there next to “tags”


This means that when someone else looks at my calendar, my privacy is safe:


As ever, if you have any problems, let us know at