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First Time Printer Setup

We have NEW PRINTERS on campus starting 10th April 2024!

Please follow this short guide based on your operating system type. If you are a Linux or ChromeOS user, please contact the digital team for more support. Of course, if you have any problems, please let the digital team know – is your friend.



Under Windows 11 setup is very easy. Just type “printers” in to your search bar, and click on Add a Printer or Scanner:


Now click on “Add Device”:


You should see the two printers available to you:


Click on “add device” and, after the drivers have downloaded, which may take a moment or a minute, so you will see it as “connecting”


And then the printer will be listed:





Setup is simple – ensuring that you are connected to the Eduroam Network, go in to your System Preferences and, in the left-hand menu, scroll to the bottom and select printers. Then click add a new printer. You'll then see this pop-up



Double click on the printer that you would like to add – again this may take a moment while the drivers are checked and downloaded if necessary, and then you will have an “add” option in the bottom right hand side:


Once this is complete, the printer will be listed and ready for you to use:





If you are a windows 10 user, you must first install 'Bonjour for Windows' - There is a link here.


Please note: we recommend upgrading to Windows 11 for a more secure experience.


Once Bonjour for Windows is installed, go to your add/remove printers dialogue – just type “printers” in your search bar and one option will be “Add a Printer or scanner”


Then you should see this:


Clicking on “Add A Printer or Scanner” next you should see both the printers on campus available to you:


Double click on the one you want to install (you can repeat the process if you want to add another) and you will see that it is “connecting” – it is also downloading drivers, so this may take a minute or so.


And then you will see that it is ready, and available in your list of printers: