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Extenuating Circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances and Extensions Policy and Procedure can be found here - take time to peruse this document prior to submitting an application. 


Extenuating circumstances are defined as unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances that may have a detrimental effect on academic performance.


If your ability to sit an assessment has been affected by something beyond your reasonable control, such as illness or sudden change in circumstances you should consider applying for an Extension or Extenuation Circumstances. 

To ensure your application is dealt with please apply using the correct form, for extensions (short term) please use this form, for an extenuating circumstance (longer term) please use this form

If you're unsure and would like to seek advice about your application, please contact and a member of the team will be able to assist. If you require initial pastoral support please contact Alisha - 


If you wish to apply for an extension or extenuating circumstance, please:

A. Complete the correct form: an extension form for an extension request, or if you are unable to sit an assessment at all and need to defer please fill out an Extenuating Circumstance form

B. The application should be received usually before the submission (a working day is defined as Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays); applications received after the assessment deadline will be considered but sufficient evidence will need to be supplied;

C. You will be required to submit evidence of the reason you cannot complete your assessment, this could be in the form of medical evidence or proof that is available to you at the time that is authoritative. If you are unable to obtain evidence, please explain why in your application;

D. If you are applying for an extension based on your Student Support Plan, please indicate this on the form and do also speak with Alisha If you need a longer extension than stated on your Student Support Plan please do follow the above guidance.

E. The Extenuating Circumstances Panel must be satisfied that the illness or other good cause would prevent you from completing and submitting the assessment within the timeframe permitted for the assessment.

F. If you applied prior to the assessment deadline, you should hear of an outcome before your assignment is due via email to your student address. 

G. If you have not received an outcome please do submit your work to date on time. If your claim is rejected this will act as your first submission attempt. If your claim is rejected and you do not submit an attempt on time you will penalised for a late submission. If your claim is accepted you will be able to submit a further attempt by the given extension date. 



If you have any questions about Extenuating Circumstances please do contact for an informal chat, or alternatively speak to your Personal Tutor, Hayley or myself (Alisha). 


Your claim is anonymised prior to the Panel meeting.