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Complaints and Appeals

While we’re committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with your student experience, we understand that there may be circumstances where a student might be dissatisfied and wishes to raise a complaint or an appeal against an academic decision.


Academic Appeals Procedure

The Academic Appeals Procedure may be used where a student wishes to:
• Appeal against a decision made by the Board of Examiners — note that appeals may not be made on the grounds of academic judgment, but only on the grounds of either:
• administrative error or failure to follow the correct procedure;
• new information which for good reason was not available earlier.
• Appeal the decision of the Extenuating Circumstances Panel, where the student has had an application rejected
• Appeal the decisions of other academic decision-making bodies, such as:
• Decisions by the Director of Admissions and Student support on reasonable adjustments for examinations and assessments;
• Decisions of the Academic Misconduct Panel;
• Decisions by the Director of Teaching and Learning on actions taken under the Academic Progress Policy;
• Decisions made under the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure relating to
exemption from modules.

Applicant Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Applicants who wish to appeal or make a complaint relating to the handling of the admissions process should use the process below:

Student Complaints Procedure

The Student Complaints Procedure may be used where a student wishes to complain about:
• The delivery or administration of their programme (e.g. the quality of teaching);
• The conduct of a member of staff (e.g. discrimination);
• The conduct of a fellow student;
• An act or omission concerning the administration or operation of a procedure or service provided by the School;
• Any other matter concerning the operation of the School that adversely and unfairly affects the student, and which is under the School’s control.

Help and Advice

If you are unsure as to whether you have a complaint or appeal, you can ask the Registrar for advice at The Registrar is also on hand to give any other advice on complaints and appeals.

You can also seek advice and guidance from your student representatives.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
If you are dissatisfied with our decision on a complaint or appeal and have exhausted our internal appeals and complaints procedures, you may refer your complaint or appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, an independent body that deals with university student complaints and appeals in England and Wales.