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Academic Council

Terms of Reference



Membership 2022-2023

Dr Waqas Ahmed (Faculty)                                                 Dr Ash Brockwell (Faculty)       

Dr James Carney (Faculty)                                                 Mollie Charge (Admissions Manager)

Hayley Dawson (Faculty Manager)                                     Dr Michael Englard (Registrar)                       

Ed Fidoe (Chief Executive Officer)                                      Dr Mattia Gallotti (Faculty)

Prof Carl Gombrich (DoTL, Chair)                                       Dr Priya Lall (Faculty)                                                                              María Angélica Madero (Faculty)

Dr Ebrahim Patel (Faculty)                                                  Dr Andrew Redford (Head of Quality)

Professor Diana Spencer (external member)                      Isaiah Wellington-Smith (Faculty)            

Prof. Ross Wilson (external member)

Marielle van der Meer (Director of Student   Experience, Careers and Partnerships)



Confirmed minutes

Minutes 24032022

Minutes 16122021

Minutes 17092021