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Student and Academic Policy Overview

In order to ensure standards and fairness, the School has a range of policies and processes.  

If you have any queries on them, then please ask Registry.


Assessment and Classification Framework - this includes how many attempts you have to pass, what happens when you fail, the pass mark, classification boundaries, how your classification is determined, late submission and feedback timelines.


Academic Framework - this is our overarching framework which stipulates the types of award available e.g. BASc, MASc but also ‘interim’ or exit awards (e.g. postgraduate diploma).


Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances - this outlines the process if you need an extension to your work or need to defer - for valid reasons - such as illness or bereavement.


Academic Misconduct Policy - this outlines the process we will follow if a student is accused of misconduct (cheating) through for example plagiarism or collusion.


Registration Policy - this is our policy and how you remain registered with the School.  It includes 'Interruption' should you wish to take some time out such as a term or full year.


Student Module Selection Policy


Attendance and Academic Progress Policy - this states what the minimum level of attendance is and what happens if a student if attending enough or are having serious problems in their progress on a programme.


Student Disciplinary


Complaints - this is our process for making a complaint.


Appeals - this is our process for appealing against a formal decision of the School relating to your studies - this might be a decision of the Examination Board or a Misconduct Panel. It includes the grounds for making an appeal. 


Marking and Moderation - this is the process we follow to mark your work, and assure you and others that it has been marked appropriately.